Getting around Iran by train

Travelling by train is an inexpensive way to get around Iran and meet Iranians People.
As you know, train travel in Iran has a long and long history. It was one of the common traveling way far past in Iran and today it is still one the reasonable and safe and relatively quick traveling way. Iran’s first line was the trans-Iranian railway, built in the 1930s to connect the Caspian Sea at Bandar-e Torkaman with the Persian Gulf at Bandar-e Imam Khomeini. Iran Rail system has recently been expanded within the Vast Iran. Majority cities of Iran contains railway these day, 11 provinces are excepted.
During your Travel to Iran, to book tickets, you can go to the train station or a Persian travel agency or ask from Iran welcomes you tour operator. Online booking is also possible but like airlines, foreign credit cards are not accepted.  The domestic Iran Railway fleet is equipped by Diesel engine train, Electric engine train and Express train.
The majority of trains have two classes, though a significant minority have only one. If you decide a 2nd-class compartment is too crowded for you, you can often upgrade to 1st class along the way, provided there’s space. A seat in 2nd class costs a bit less than  bus, and a 1st-class seat is a bit less than a VIP bus.
On overnight trains (usually to/from Tehran), the 1st-class carriages have sleeper couchettes (ghazal) with four or six bunks. Solo women should strongly consider requesting a single-sex sleeper. On most 1st-class services, meals are served in your compartment and aren’t too bad. Long-distance trains also travel with a restaurant car.

 From      To      Duration 
 Esfahan      Shiraz      9 hr
 Mashhad      Yazd      18½hr
 Tehran      Esfahan      7½hr
 Tehran      Shiraz      16 hr
 Tehran      Tabriz      13 hr
 Tehran      Kerman      14 hr
 Yazd      Kerman      6 hr

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