Iran Visa For Americans, Canadians & British 

obtaining Iran visa for Americans, Iran visa for Canadians & Iran visa for British is different.

Most nationalities recently require a visa for visit Iran. Apart from Israelis, nationals of all countries can get Iranian visas for tourist, business (corporate visas), political, educational and medical purposes. The visa requirements for your trip vary depending on where you are from. Iran Welcomes You can handle this for you whether you are planning to make your own arrangements or plan to take a tour with Iran Welcomes You. Please, keep in mind that visa for Iran like all countries require passports valid for at least 6 months from the moment of departure from the country. Although you can try to get the visa yourself, using an agency is the safest and better option. 
 In comparison to other countries, the citizens of Britain, Canada and the United States of America have different process to obtain Visa to Iran. Citizens of these three countries can get Iranian tourist visas (Type B), provided that they travel in the form of an organized tour. Indeed, Nationals from USA, England and Canada cannot independently visit Iran; they need to be accompanied with tour guide throughout their trip. The nationals of these three countries must have a full and specific travel plan so that all their travel details, such as: the exact time of arrival and departure, the place of residence and attractions to be visited and in some cases the routes to be visited are to be mentioned.

 Required Documents:


  •  Scan the staff photo of the guest
  •  Scan the first page of the guest's passport
  • The host ID card Scan (both Sides)
  • Visa application form for guest profile (tourist)
  • Visa application form for host profile
  •  Guest resume (including academic records, career history and interests)
  • Print guest social pages
  • Specific travel plans and items such as: the exact time of arrival and departure, the place of residence, the attractions visited and the routes  to be traveled.
  • Pay 10% of the tour fee (the remainder after receiving the visa application)


for access to Iran Visa Form Please Click visaform iran welcomes you.pdf

You can get more information about Some important tips, terms and conditions, other Iranian visa information and  How to Apply for Iran Visa on website as well.

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