On Arrival Iran visa:

Getting Iran Visa may seem time-consuming; therefore, many people prefer to pick up their visa in Iran airports because of the inconvenience of going to embassy or consulates. "Iran Visa upon Arrival" is available at selected Iranian Airports: Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Tabriz, Urmia، Bandar Abbas، Bushehr، Qeshm، Kerman and Kish for about 70 nationalities. For getting Iran visa upon arrival it’s always better to have the authorization number before. You can ask travel agencies in Iran to get the authorization number for you and once you get the authorization code the process will be easier and faster. Base on your nationality, The time that you have to wait to get your Iran visa upon arrival is different. Imagine your flight has arrived in Shiraz or other cities at 2 AM and now you have to wait in long lines, fill forms, and wait until your visa process is finished due to There are usually a high number of people waiting in lines to get Iran visa on arrival. So it is not impossible to spend even more than 3 hours to get Visa on Arrival according to your nationality! 


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We highly recommend you to apply your Visa before arrival. Iran Welcomes You can apply for your Iran visa and get the authorization visa number for free and you will give the authorization number to the airline counter at check in. It is faster and more convenient.  Contact us for getting your Iran Visa. for access to Iran Visa Form Please Click visaform iran welcomes you.pdf.


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