Bus Transportation in Iran

More than 20 bus companies in Iran offer thousands of services on buses that are cheap, comfortable and frequent. Buses used every day for traveling in Iran, almost all of the cities have a station. There are various types of bus companies, but we offer these 2 best bus companies such as Volvo and Scania for travelers. During your travel to Iran you easily find it out that the booking isn’t accessible, while there is nothing to worry about because Iran Welcomes You can do it for you.

Buses are serving passengers on two different levels:

1. First class buses:
First class buses, which are well-known as VIP buses in Iran, are buses with 25 seats that can be converted to half-Bed (these buses has presented with names Intercity/Coaches Buses by Scania and Volvo companies and they have air conditioning (cooler). The buses offer the best conditions for Bus trips in Iran. Iran welcomes you offers using these buses especially for night trips.


Some of these buses have produced with 32 seats but with all the technical conditions of 25 seats buses and they’re being used in transportation system. These buses provide less space and comfort during sleep. Iran welcomes you recommend these type buses for day trips.

2. Ordinary buses:
Ordinary buses have 44 seats and usually have air conditioning (cooler) systems. They are only suitable for short distances(less than 6 hours) Intercities.


Choosing bus is the best way for who wants to visit Iran as a budget tour to Iran.

You can also see the bus timetable in routes below:



From Tehran To ....

Tehran to Mashhad
Tehran to Isfahan
Tehran to Kerman
Tehran to Shiraz
Tehran to Tabriz
Tehran to Ahwaz
Tehran to Yazd



From Shiraz To ....

Shiraz to Mashhad 
Shiraz to Kerman
Shiraz to Isfahan
Shiraz to Tehran
Shiraz to Tabriz
Shiraz to Yazd



From Isfahan To ...

Isfahan to Kerman 
Isfahan to Tehran
Isfahan to Shiraz
Isfahan to Yazd



From Yazd To ....

Yazd to Kerman 
Yazd to Isfahan
Yazd to Tehran
Yazd to Shiraz



 Iran Welcomes You tour & Travel agency offers various Iran Travel Services such as Booking Iran Hotels, Transportation in Iran such as transfer between cities by private cars or public transportation, these means can be included by Bus ticket from Shiraz to Tehran, bus ticket from Shiraz to yazd or any other cities. To book your Best Iran tour with best travel services with best quality Contact our tour operator with Iran tourism educators who know what tourists needed.

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