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As there are no English online booking systems available that accept foreign credit cards, Iran airlines with the notable exception of Iran Air, it is pretty much impossible to book domestic flights outside Iran. Iran welcomes you as keys to Persia can book any flight (Mahan airline, Aseman airline, Qeshm airline and...), suitable for your trip. Prices are set by the government, and relatively cheaper than other countries. You can check your flight price on the airline's website. Besides we are able to book international airline tickets as our services and if you wish to take cheap flight tickets we can arrange it for you online. Here the Iranian authentic airlines are introduced:

Iran Air
Iran air or Homa airline is founded in February 1961 as Iran national airline with acronym for a persian word combination "Havapeymayi Meli Iran" known in English as Iran Air. Iran Air Became a full member of IATA since 1964 and in the next decades it put put many of its international flights in their schedule due to adding various fleet. In the year 1976, Iran Air was ranked second only to Qantas (Australian), as the world's safest airline, having been accident free for at least ten consecutive years. Although both airlines were accident free, Iran Air came second only because of fewer operational hours flown compared to Qantas. The interesting about this airfleet is its logo. The logo of Iran air is drive from the head columns in Persepolis, the legendary bird "Homa" and three features of this unique bird: the eagle head, cow ears and a horse's mane. We called it as Homa. Free baggage allowances vary depending on the class of travel, but usually it’s from 30-50 kilos.
Usually its domestic flights prices range from 1,800,000 – 7,500,000 IRR. Iran Air has many domestic and international sales offices. 
The Current fleet of Iran Air includes: Airbus A300B2-200/ Airbus A300B4-200/ Airbus A300-600R/ Airbus A310-300/ Airbus A320-200/ Airbus A321-200/ Airbus A330-200/ Airbus A350-1000/ Boeing 747-200F (Cargo Fleet)/ Fokker 100/ McDonnell Douglas MD-82/ ATR 72-600 aircraft




Mahan Air 
Mahan air is the private airline located at Capital of Iran, Tehran but indeed this name is originated from Kerman province where Mahan city is situated. Mahan airline was established in 1991 and began operations in 1992 & joined the IATA in 2001. Mahan Air had a fleet comprising two Tupolev 154 aircraft, a staff of 99 and a route network from Tehran to 2 domestic destinations. The real Mahan Air growth was initiated with the addition of Airbus A300 wide-body aircraft to the fleet in 1999 and the Airbus A310 in 2001. This enabled the airline to reach beyond regional destinations it served at that time. Currently, its route network spans 28 destinations in 12 countries and it has a fleet of 11 all Airbus aircraft. It currently hold 13% of all international flights from Iran, and 8% of the domestic market. Most of the Iranian prefer to choose this airline. In Terminal 4 Mehrabad Airport there is Mahan Air Lounge. Mahan Air Lounge is for business class passengers and it has different features like Free Wi-Fi, Children Play area, Selection of snacks and fresh juices and etc. Check-in Deadlines time in Mahan for Domestic flights is 30 Minutes before Departure. Mahan Airline domestic flights has two economic and business class. Air recommend that the maximum weight of any single item of baggage should not be greater than 30 kg. Business class passengers in Domestic and International flights are allowed to carry 7 Kg (one piece) and Economy class passengers on Domestic and International flights up to 5 Kg (one piece).
The Current Fleet of Mahan Airline includes: Airbus A300-600R/ Airbus A310-300/ Airbus A340-300/ Airbus A340-600/ Avro RJ85/ Avro RJ100/ Boeing 747-300

 Aseman Air
Aseman Air Services Company formed from the integration of four companies in 1980 Air taxi, Pars Air, Air Service and Hooraseman and now, with an emphasis on flying to underserved areas of the country is the largest domestic route network in the cities of Iran. Usually Aseman contains daily flights to most of Iran's Citties. For a better coverage of flight network,  Aseman Airline has established three Flight Centers in Tehran, Shiraz and Mashhad that each of these three centers has independent hangars and maintenance crews so that along with the recruitment and training of local specialists, the daily flights have sufficient independence.
The Iran Aseman Airlines fleet includes: Airbus A320-200/ Airbus A340-300/ ATR 72-200/ ATR 72-500/ Boeing 727-200/ Boeing 737-400/ Boeing 737/ Fokker 100/ Boeing 737 MAX (will be delivered 2022)/ Boeing 727-200F (Cargo fleet). 

Meraj Air
Meraj Airlines is an Iranian privately owned airline that is based at Tehran's Mehrabad Airport and Imam Khomeini International Airport which was founded in 2010 with the permission of the Civil Aviation Authority. Important domestic destinations of Meraj airline are such as Mashhad, Shiraz, Esfahan, Kish, and Kermanshah (from Tehran) and foreign destinations are to Turkey, Malaysia, and Kuwait from Tehran and Najaf from Mashhad. Meraj Airline has different travel classes like, First class, business class and economy class. Meraj Airline has domestic flights to different cities of Iran Like, Isfahan, Tabriz, Tehran, Shiraz, Qeshm etc. As an environmental protection, Meraj Airlines has drawn the picture of Iranian Cheetah on its Airplanes since 2014.
The Meraj Air Fleet includes: Airbus A300-600R/ Airbus A320-200/ Airbus A321-200/ Airbus A340-300 

Iran Airtour
Iran Airtour is one of the Iran's private airlines, established in 1973 by Iran Air . From 1982, Iran Airtour Airline started scheduled domestic tours to the holy city of Mashhad  but within a few years, the company expanded its activities and established other regular flights between Mashhad and other cities of Iran and international services in the Middle East as well as Eastern Europe.  Iran Air tour has won many awards like, 1997 Achievement of European quality and 2007 Achievement of ISO9001-2000 Certificate on quality assurance standards from Germany. The Iran Airtour fleet includes: McDonnell Douglas MD-82/ McDonnell Douglas MD-83 aircraft. 

Qeshm Air 
Qeshm Air is an Iranian airline; it has its headquarters in Qeshm Island, Persian Gulf and operates scheduled domestic and international passenger services as well as charter flights. The airline was founded in 1993 as Faraz Qeshm Airline.  Qeshm Air is one of the favorite airlines in Iran, because it's young and it has good prices. From Tehran, Qeshm Air has flights to more than 20 cities in Iran. Qeshm air flight prices depend on the class of travel.
This company use (Fokker 100/ Fokker 50/ Airbus A300-600R/ Airbus A319-100/ Airbus A320-200/ Avro RJ85/ Avro RJ100) aircraft currently.

Kish Air
Kish Airline with the goal of developing activities and communicating with provinces and countries of the Persian Gulf, was founded in 1991. Kish Air is an IATA member company and is the first airline to receive IOSA Iranian air safety standard certification. In a certain number of airways, including Tehran-Kish-Tehran and Tehran-Mashhad-Tehran, Kish Airline offers both Economy class and Business Class flights. Kish Airline has two hotels in Kish Island too. Hotel Farabi only serves foreign guests who have traveled to Kish Island to extend their visa. Hotel Aryan has 68 rooms and suits with different areas and forms. Hotel Aryan is located on the tourist strip of Kish Island and is very close to sport places, coastline, main plazas and markets. The allowed and free cargo for passengers who have seats is 20kg while for passengers without seats, infants, is 10 kg. The maximum cabin luggage is 5 kg with size dimensions of 40 x55 x20 cm or 115 cm. Kish Airline has different domestic flights to Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad, Rasht, Tabriz, Yazd, etc. Also, Kish Airline offers airport transfer services for its passengers. In April 2017, it was announced that the airline plans to order 6 aircraft from ATR, with variant and delivery dates announced if, and when, the deal is signed by the airline. The aircraft are planned to be used to increase the number of flights on domestic flights in Iran.
The Kish Air Fleet includes: Fokker 100/ McDonnell Douglas MD-82/ McDonnell Douglas MD-83/ Airbus A320–200/ Airbus A321-200/ Boeing 737-500 aircraft.

Sepehran Airlines 
The newcomer airline in the aviation industry of Iran is Sepehran Airline. The company’s headquarters is located in the Shiraz International Airport. The Sepehran Airlines was founded in July 2016 and acquired its first aircraft in April 2015. Currently the company provide services in 8 destinations including: Tehran, Shiraz, Kish, Qeshm , Mashhad, Bandar-e Abbas, Asalooye, and Maku and planned to develop it up to 16 destinations. The company’s fleet is included Boeing 737-300/ Boeing 737-500/ Dornier 328-300.

Headquarter of ATA Airlines in Tabriz International Airport. It operates scheduled domestic and international services in the Middle East, as well as charter services including Europe. TA airline began to operate with four aircraft McDonnell Douglas MD-83. ATA Airlines has flights from Tabriz, Tehran, Mashhad, Kish, Shiraz and Urmia. Like other Iran airlines, ATA Airlines flight prices depend on the class of travel. The prices are also different during Nowruz and the free cabin baggage is 5 kg.
The ATA Airlines fleet includes: Airbus A320-200/ Boeing 737-300/ Boeing 737-500/ Embraer ERJ 145ER/ McDonnell Douglas MD-83 aircraft.

Caspian Air
Caspian Airline is a private airline based in Tehran, Iran,  established in 1993, it was set up as a joint venture between Iranian and Russian interests. it operates services between Tehran and other major cities in Iran and international flights to Armenia, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Ukraine. Caspian Airline has a Mobile Booking application System called Hamsafar. Caspian Airlines Mobile Booking application helps passengers to buy tickets online, see Caspian flight schedules and reserve ticket. It is in both Persian and English language. It also informs the passengers about the flight delays and flight cancelation by email or text.
The Caspian air fleet includes: Boeing 737-400/ McDonnell Douglas MD-82/ McDonnell Douglas MD-83/ Boeing 747-100FSCD (Cargo Fleet)/ Boeing 747-200F (Cargo Fleet).

Zagros Air
Zagros Airlines was founded in 2005 in Abadan, Iran while its headquartered in Tehran and based at Abadan International Airport. The airline uses Mehrabad International Airport and Abadan International Airport as its operating bases. In 2007, Zagros Airlines started its first international route from Tehran to the Syrian capital of Damascus.
The Zagros Air fleet includes: Airbus A319-100/ Airbus A320-200/ Airbus A321-200/ McDonnell Douglas MD-82/ McDonnell Douglas MD-83 aircraft.


Taban Air is an airline headquartered in the Ekbatan Complex in Tehran, Iran,[1] with its main operational base in Mashhad. It operates international, domestic and charter routes as a scheduled carrier. The airline was established in 2005 and started operations in 2006. Taban Air was founded by Captain Asghar Abdollahpour . The Taban Air fleet includes: Airbus A310-300/ Airbus A319-100/ Avro RJ85/ Boeing 737-300/ Boeing 737-400/ Boeing 757-200/ McDonnell Douglas MD-88 aircraft. 

Necessary information about Terminals:
Domestic flights of Iran Airlines, from Tehran City are arranged in different terminals of the Mehrabad Airport. Bellow, you can find the information:

Terminal 1: Kish air – Zagros
Terminal 2: Iran air – Air tour – ATA – Qeshm Air – Meraj – Naft
Terminal 4: Mahan – Caspian – Aseman – Taban – Sepehran

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