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Health is always the important element of life. It appeals more significant during travel. Wherever you want to visit around the world you should receive the appropriate information about what Travel Insurance is covering. Traveling to Iran is no exception. During your journey to Iran something can happen that it is not in your control so here Iran Welcomes You provides Iran Travel Insurance to alleviate tourists concern. As you know, having travel insurance for entering Iran is a must, tourists should buy the travel insurance for their Iran journey from a reliable company, and otherwise at the airport they should buy Iranian travel insurance.
Iran Welcomes You tour consultants are available to give you all information that you need.

Which insurance has the best coverage on tours to Iran? 

A little planning before departure, particularly for pre-existing illnesses, will save you trouble later . One of the best insurances for foreign travelers planning to travel to Iran is Saman Insurance.

General information about Saman Insurance
Medical expenses and hospitalization up to a maximum of 10,000 euros are payable to Saman Insurance. This insurance policy Saman issued to foreigners traveling to Iran. From the time the passenger comes to Iran, the insurance calculated and the maximum period of insurance is 92 days.

The following factors are part of the insurance policy of Saman:
Medical expenses & Hospitalization abroad, Except aesthetic treatments, chronic ailments or illnesses existed prior to the inception date of the policy Deductible EUR 25 ( except emergency cases, and hospitalization more than 24 Hours)

EUR 10000

Emergency dental care It is restricted to treatment of pain, infection and removal of the tooth affected Deductible:
EUR 25 EUR 200

Emergency return home following death of a close family member or serious illnesses Actual Expenses
Transport or repatriation in case of illness or accident EUR 5500

Repatriation of mortal remains Actual Expenses
Legal Assistance EUR 250

Repatriation of family member traveling with the insured Actual Expenses
Loss of passport, driving license, national identity card abroad EUR 200

Loss of registered luggage Benefits of this clause and previous one cannot be accumulated. EUR 150
This policy covers the expenses of the insured inside boundaries of I.R.Iran. It will be started from the date of official entry of Iran, and its maximum validity is 92 consecutive days.
In case of medical emergency, and need for any covered services, the insured or one of his/her companions shall call or send email to “Assistance Provider” and declare the following information:

  Insured’s name, policy number (indicated above), telephone number and contact details     
  Brief description of the problem encountered, and the kind of assistance required.
  If the insured is not able to contact or get services from assistance provider, he/she should collect all relevant documents and present them to the head office of insurance company in Iran.
All contact information will be mentioned on your insurance sheet.

We Recommend:
Make sure your selected insurance company provides you with medical repatriation assistance and air ambulance services. In case your emergency medical condition requires prolonged care, they’ll cover your expenses for your trip home. Tr2p is a comprehensive Iranian tour operator and travel agency offering Iran tour packages to travelers who desire to visit Iran. Iran Welcomes You provide the tourists with all they need for traveling to Iran, from diverse Iran tailor-made tours to obtaining Iranian visa, Iranian tour guides. If you are planning to travel to Iran & discover Persia beyond the media, join Iran welcomes you to visit the most popular Iranian destinations and see Persia as one of the most amazing countries in the world. Our operator team's vision is to provide superior travel and tour services with our focus being on customer satisfaction at the best competitive prices & works as key to Persia.


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