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Atlas Hotel Shiraz is one of 3 star Shiraz hotels close to main Shiraz tourist attractions, accommodate who want a budget Hotel in Iran.


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If you are looking for a 3-star hotel close to the tourist attractions of Shiraz, Atlas Hotel Shiraz might be a good choice for you. Atlas Hotel Shiraz is one of 3 star Shiraz hotels accommodate who want a budget Hotel in Iran. book Atlas Hotel in Shiraz by Tr2p operator with the best price. Shiraz Atlas Hotel Located on the side of Atlas Square, Atlas Hotel Shiraz is really close to Tomb of Hafez (Hafezieh) and Jahan Nama Garden. Also, the Atlas bus stop is only a few meters away. While you stay at the Atlas hotel in Shiraz, access to most tourist attractions is really easy for you. Feel free to contact tr2p tour operator to book Shiraz Hotels, Shiraz Atlas Hotel, any Iran Hotels or even for other travel services such as Iran tours, Persia tours, Shiraz tours, etc. we are in tr2p tried to help any travelers to Iran with what they might be needed during traveling on Iran. 

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Coffee Shop
Taxi Services
Wireless Internet
ATM Bank

Good access to tourist attractions in Shiraz is a good option to enjoy your Shiraz tour. Atlas Hotel in Shiraz located close to some of Shiraz attractions.
Airport: 12.3 Km
Persepolis UNESCO Site: 54.6 Km
Necropolis: 61.6 Km
Pasargadae: 130 Km
Karim Khan citadel: 1.8 Km
Pars Museum: 2.4 Km
Vakil Bath: 2.4 Km
Vakil mosque: 2.5 Km
Vakil Bazaar: 2.6 Km
Shahecheragh Holy Shrine: 2.9 Km
Pink mosque: 3.5 Km
Hafez tomb: 1.7 Km
Eram Garden: 4.4 Km
Saadi tomb: 4.3 Km

 Qaem Square Azadi, Shiraz 71364 Iran           Show on map

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Monday, March 2, 2020

SHIRAZ ATLAS HOTEL has a Nice clean room helpful staff with a very small parking place.

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