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Roodaki Hotel in Shiraz is one of the oldest Shiraz hotels with traditional style. Shiraz Rudaki Hotel was first established in 1978 and renovated in 1995. Stay for 1 night at Rudaki Shiraz hotel with the best price. The hotel’s name was taken from Roodaki, who was a Persian poet and is regarded as the first great literary genius of the modern Persian, who composed poems in the new Persian alphabet. He was also a great musician and a harp player. Rudaki Hotel consisted of 26 double rooms and 6 suites. Also, there is a restaurant with Persian cuisines for those who want to taste delicious Iranian Foods. In addition, Rudaki Hotel has good access to Shiraz tourist attractions. Make your reservation here on tr2p tour operator if you think this Shiraz Hotel meets your needs. We are here to help you with any travel & tour services you may have needed in your Tour to Iran. 

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Cafe & Traditional Dining Room
24 hours reception and room service
Luggage storage
Free resident car parking
Laundry facilities
Wi-Fi access

The Rudaki hotel is located in the city center and is very close to the Zandieh historical sites. Take a look at its locations:
Airport: 11.1 Km
Persepolis UNESCO Site: 56.2 Km
Necropolis: 63.1 Km
Pasargadae: 131 Km
Karim Khan citadel: 700 M
Pars Museum: 1.4 Km
Vakil Bath: 1.3 Km
Vakil mosque: 1.5 Km
Vakil Bazaar: 1.6 Km
Shahecheragh Holy Shrine: 1.8 Km
Pink mosque: 2.4 Km
Hafez tomb: 3.5 Km
Eram Garden: 3.4 Km
Saadi tomb: 5.5 Km

Rudaki Street, corner of Ezadi Street, Shiraz 71364 Iran           Show on map

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