Heyran Mountain Pass

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The word of Heyran means "astonished" in the Persian Language. Due to its beauty, it is called Heyran Pass as it is covered by Hyrcanian forests a spectacular valley. It is said that Heyran Pass is almost shrouded in a cloud of mist, fascinates you by creating an alluring view.

Heyran Iran

Heyran Pass is located 25 kilometers from the city of Astara on the road to Ardabil. This road is overlooked by the lush forest coverage that surrounds you on one side and a valley through which Aras River Flows.

Apart from Heyran Pass's beauties that attract many tourists, the Heyran Tourist village with excellent recreational facilities such as a cable car is one of the popular tourist destinations in Iran.

Heyran Pass attractions

1. Heyran forest coats with fog

The first scenes you amazed are the pastures, the cottages, the cattle grazing, and the horses running here. Meanwhile, fog covers the entire forest, create a fascinating landscape.

2. Hirkan National Park 

Hirkan National Park is covered by forests in a primarily mountainous region protecting humid subtropical and humid temperate forests. Hirkan National Park with an area of 40,358 hectares opened on February 9, 2004, by the President of Azerbaijan, to be considered as a rich home of plants and animals.

Heyran Pass Iran 

3. Heyran Village

At the middle of this charming nature, there several villages known as:

•  Heyran village: People in this village are dealing with agriculture. take a participate in Iran Tourism recently makes here as one of the tourism areas in Iran by selling souvenirs, local cuisine, and more.

•  Meshed village: if you are looking for a place in Iran that means bees, here you can find it. Meshend village is the place with a good source of Agriculture and livestock.  

•  Kashfi village: here is a good path of mountain climbing, and many nature enthusiasts visit this village at different times of the year.

 Heiran Pass Iran

•  Fandoglu forest: one of the most astonishing forests of Iran is Fandoglu forest, a place that covers with trees and full of fruit trees such as hazelnuts, wild apples, raspberries, strawberries, and more. Fandoglu forest is located 10 kilometers from Namin city and 30 kilometers from Ardabil city.

•  Cable car: This cable car has a 1752-meter-long route that starts from the Heyran pass and continues through the Fandoghlu Forest. Via this cable car, you will be able to enjoy watching the amazing landscapes of these forests. Alongside its ordinary cabins, there are 3 VIP cabins with leather furniture, a music player, a refrigerator, and tinted glass.

Pass of Heyran 

Best time to visit?

In the spring and summer is the best time to visit this spot due to the climate of the North of Iran.