Pahlavanpour Garden

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Pahlavanpour garden in Yazd is one of the nine elaborated Persian gardens in Iran located in Mehriz that are registered as one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2011. Garden of Pahlavanpour dating back to the Qajar era but recently has been converted into Hotel. 

 Pahlavanpour garden

Pahlavanpour Garden features

Firstly through walking inside this Yazd Garden, the streams spread around the garden, trees & mansion are catching your eyes. 

Streams of Water that spread around the garden originated from the Hasan Abad Qanat, and pass from the Mehriz Pahlavanpour garden to irrigate it. The sound of water makes you relaxing & spending time is a smooth place. 

 Mehriz Garden

Trees; on both sides of the mainstream of water, there are lines of soaring Plane trees as the delightful part of this ancient old garden while you can enjoy of the nice weather, fruit trees of the garden such as almond, persimmons, and pomegranate are the other reason to make your time pleasant. 

Mansion is one of the fascinating parts of this garden that is included two and a half stores known as Sharbarkhaneh ( sharbatkhaneh is a place used in summer for getting together). The mansion consists of different parts such as halls, Howskhaneh, and Gooshvareh.

 Persian garden

Best time to visit?

From early March to early April is the best time to visit Yazd due to its climate. 

Getting there?
Mehriz is located 30 kilometers south of Yazd city. you have to take a taxi.