Sohan of Persia

 Persian Pastry

Sohan is a traditional Persian brittle Pastry made of wheat. Sohan is known as the main souvenir & unique candy of Qom City usually serve with tea. This mouthwatering Persian Pastry became the major profession of people in Qom city from the Qajar era.  
Sohan is provided in a red circular tin box full of tasty Sohan candy. As soon as you open the box, the magical aroma of cardamom and saffron can be poured into the room with its mouthwatering scent. 

 Sohane Qom

Ingredients of Sohan:


There are actually many types of Sohan candy, but now we are talking about Sohan-e Qom. Sohan has wonderful taste due to its ingredients that make Sohan a unique souvenir. Sohan is made of wheat, cardamom, saffron, wholemeal flour, pistachio, sugar, oil, and egg yolk. This pastry was made in the traditional hand-made way but is now baking with specific machines.

 Sohan of Iran  Iran's Sohan

Different tastes of Sohan

There are many types of Sohan serve in Iran with different shapes & tastes such as Sohan-e Gol Qom ( in a circle shape) Sohan-e Loghmei (popular and best-selling souvenir in Qom) Sohan-e Asali (contains honey),….

Pastry of Iran