Abr Jungle (Cloud Forest)

Iran natural attractions

Shahroud Cloud Forest is one of the most famous and beautiful natural attractions in Iran where is very famous for the ocean of clouds that cover it at different times of the year. As a part of the oldest Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forests, you will be the witness of rare animal and plant species in this beautiful Jungle where is very famous for the cloudy ocean that encompasses its space, It seems like the clouds are floated across the trees.

Jungle of Abr 

Abr Jungle is the place where the earth and the sky meet; Clouds embrace the trees. A 35,000-hectare forest that is Along with the lush forests of the north of the country, Cloud forest is one of the marvelous parts of Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forests which are the border between the Semnan province and Golestan province.
The height of this jungle above sea level, low temperature during the hot season, abundant springs, and various vegetation are the features of Abr Jungle that attract many tourists annually to this region.

Cloud forest 

Flora & Fauna of Abr Jungle

Being a part of Hyrcani jungle of Iran, Flora of this jungle is included a wide range of vegetation such as Beech, oak, alder, elm, wild cherry, thyme, clover, elm, Sorbus torminalis, and English yew. It is interesting to know that its Fauna contains Brown bear, wolf, leopard, Wild boar, jackal, fox, Wild goat, Roe deer, snakes, partridge, Common wood pigeon, quail, Golden eagle, vulture, falcon, Common cuckoo.

•  What to do?
Take a visit to the Abr village and its monuments; Mountaineering, forest climbing, and cycling are some of the most exciting activities, visiting Waterfalls & springs, Photography, and bird watching.

Jangal-e Abr   Forest of Cloud

•  The best time to go?
Late April till late October is the best time to visit Abr Jungle (Clouds Forest). Watching heavy clouds is possible during this period.

•  Getting there?
Abar village, 45 km north of Shahroud, Shahroud city, Semnan