El Golu Park

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El Gölü Park is the first attraction comes into mind when we talk about Tabriz. During traveling to Iran, every visitor takes a visit to El Goli Park and walk inside the gorgeous monument to feel its fresh weather and enjoy its beauty.

El Gölü Park 

History of El Gölü Park

El Gölü garden or El Goli Park is also known as the Shah Gölü Park located in northwest of Iran, in Tabriz. El Goli means king’s pool (pool of Shah) where was originally a swimming pool created by Ag Qiyyunloo and expanded during the Safavid era.
The much care was given to El Goli Park in Qajar era such as several paths were constructed around the pool for the ease of walking in the nice and fresh coolness of the park. 

 El Goli Garden Tabriz

In addition, many beautiful trees of different kinds were planted around the Park to makes here more beauty. There is a pretty two-storey mansion constructed in the center of the pool upon the command of the ruler of the time. In Pahlavi era, the municipality of Tabriz was assign the task of make the park to recreational center for its visitors. Therefore, it is said that the mansion was destructed in 1967 and the present one structed in 1970 with the contributions and investments of the Municipality of Tabriz. After the revolution of Islam, name of Shahgoli Park changed into El Gölü in 1979 which means pool of people.


El Gölü Garden 

Architecture of El Gölü Garden

This Tabriz attraction is included an artificial Lake, a tow-storey mansion surmounted by many trees. Such as any other gardens in Iran, El Gölü Garden is designed on the basis of the Persian Gardens. A paved path covered by trees leads to an octagonal mansion, at the center of the lake with a length of 200 meters on each side. The depth of this Lake is different, the highest can reach to 12 meters but at the eastern corner can be between 3 to 6 meters. Lake water supply from a branch of Liqvan River. The access to the mansion is given by each side, the place where today is turned into a restaurant. 

Tabriz El Gölü Park 

El Gölü Garden is not only the historic garden in Tabriz but also is important due to consisting of attractive facilities such as: golf center, skating complex, billiard academy, game club, cafes, restaurants, sports shops, small street shops, and many others. 
It can be interested to know that El Goli Park also has an interesting sundial clock that shows the official time of Iran.

Shah Goli Park Tabriz 

• Best time to visit?

As Tabriz has a cold climate with the long and heavy snow winter, we recommend you to visit here from May to October.