Salt Lakes in Iran

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Salt Lakes in Iran are one of the most impressive & scrumptious Landscapes you’ve ever seen around the world. On your traveling on Iran, you will see endless hot deserts, tropical coastlines, dense forests, and plains. But Iran’s Salt Lakes are beyond all of them. In case you want to go wherever that you just visit white color; A white that came not because of snow, but because of salt, Iran is the best choice. Iran is a dry and semi-arid country and therefore has many salt lakes. Some of Iran's salt lakes are seasonal and others are permanent. Namak lake (Salt Lake) is indeed, a part of the salt desert of Iran, located in several parts of Iran, such as:

Maharloo Lake

Lake Maharloo 

Maharloo Lake or Namak Lake is located in Fars Province, next to Shiraz. Due to its different and unique Pink color, it attracts many visitors and is visible during your flight to Shiraz. This Iran Salt Lake looks like pink since The strong evaporation which is caused the salinity to increase dramatically also due to its huge amount of seaweed called Red Tide. 

Pink Lake 

The excessive growth of these algae in the lake has caused all of its water to turn red. Artemia (an aquatic species) is the only alive creature you can find here.

Khur Lake

 Lake Khur

Lake of Khur in the vicinity of Isfahan is the biggest seasonal Salt lakes in Iran. Located in the central part to the south of Iran's central desert, makes it to be one of the low-rise places in Iran. It Covers 2,000 square kilometers in size which contains the low changeable depth of 5cm to 10m. The lake is covered in clay and salt in the cold seasons of the year and remains a salt-white sea in spring and summer.

Lake Howz Sultan

Lake Howz Sultan 

Salt Lake of Howz Sultan is the nearest Salt Lake to Tehran, located 40 km north of Qom and 85 km south of Tehran. Lake of Howz Sultan Lake has other names: Saveh Lake and Sultan’s Lake are other names for this lake. Lake Sultan has a lot of salt and is also known as the natural mirror of Iran. The lake is divided into two separate pits. The western hole called Hawz Sultan lake and the eastern hole is called the Hawz Mhrah lake.

Lake Khara 

Lake Khara 

Close to the Varzaneh desert, there is a beautiful Salt Lake called Khara Salt Lake. Salt Lake Khara is a vast area of salt-covered where is known as the one of the salt mines in Iran. It covers around 60 percent of Iranian edible salt and twenty percent of exported salt.

Lake Urmia

Lake Urmia 

Lake Urmia is the third salt Lakes in the world and the largest and the highest inland lake located in the north of Iran, between eastern and western Azerbaijan provinces. This permanent lake with a width of 4 kilometers is one of the most important lakes in Iran. Lake Urmia has become a national concern for many years, and various activities have been carried out to save it from drought. This is a lake where no mollusks live. The mud of this lake have healing properties for rheumatoid arthritis and pains. It is well-known that there is less sunset, such as the sunset of Lake Urmia.

Lake Aran Bid Gol

The geographical location of Aran p Bidgol lake is situated between the three provinces of Isfahan, Qom, and Semnan and is lied 35 km northeast of Aran city and Bidgol. . The lake limited from the west to the white-water mountain and Black Mountain and Desert National Park area, From the north and west to the desert of Mesilah and from the south to the desert of Maranjab and Rig. The other name of this lake is Masely. Calling this name is due to the enormous salinity of lakes so that salt particles float in summer.