Tomb of Nader Shah Afshar

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Nader Shah Afshar was one of the greatest and most powerful Iranian kings who made Mashhad his Capital & with his warriors and his prowess, removed Afghans, Ottomans, and Russians from Iran. He is regarding as a powerful and influential king throughout Iran’s history who is known as conqueror & a dour king of Iran. 

 Tomb of Nader Shah

About Nader Shah KingNader

Shah Afshar, also known as Nader Gholi was the founder of the Afshariyeh or Afsharid dynasty in Iran after the downfall of the Safavid dynasty. After the extinction of the Safavid dynasty and the domination of Mahmoud Afghan and Ashraf Afghan on Iran, Nader Shah Afshar, was the one who took the control of Iran & suppressed the suppress local claimants, Afghans, and the Ottoman Empire, and scattered enemies of Iran. It was a resurrection time of Iran again in the history when he elected Mashhad as his Capital & then sought to develop the frontiers of Iran country. He has a reputation around the world due to his greatest conquests of Delhi & Turkestan. Therefore, he dubbed the titles of “Napoleon of Iran”, Alexander II, & “The Last Wonder of the East”. In spite of his achievements, Nader Shah became very grumpy at the end of his life and ordered his son to blend. Also, his cruel & authoritarian ethics towards his people became the reason for his assassination by his commanders in 1747 A.D.

 Mausoleum of Nader shah  Nader shah Afshar king

Tomb of Nader Shah

Nadershah’s tomb in Mashhad is one of the historical monuments & Iran tourist attractions. His mausoleum was designed by the well-known contemporary Iranian architect & Professor, Mr. Houshang Seyhon in commemoration of Nadir Shah Afshar in 1342 solar years. (It means 57 years ago). His mausoleum is consisting of the central part embracing the tomb & two museum galleries. the equestrian statue of Nader Shah is located on the entrance path.  
 Tomb of Nader Shah Mashhad

Inside the first museum, you will be able to see the weapons & objects used during the Afsharid period while the second museum brings you back to the other historical periods of Iran such as Safavid era & is equipped with a collection of coins, dishes and other objects donated from the Safavid to the contemporary period.

 Tomb of Nader Shah
Best time to visit?
Due to the location of Mashhad, it experiences the pretty cold winters & cool summers, we suggest you visit Mashhad in summer to feel its best weather. But notice in peak seasons of Mashhad such as the birth of Imam Reza & Ramadan it might be crowded and that much possible to see every monument well.