Shapur Bridge

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Shapur Bridge or Broken Bridge is one the largest Stone Bridges in Iran which was constructed by the command of King Shapur of Sassanian Dynasty, a pre-Islamic era of Iran in Lorestan province, west of Iran. Shapur Bridge is considered as one of the masterpieces of the Sassanid era at the same time as the Falak al-Aflak or Shapur Fort. 
Shapur I, the second king of Sassanian wanted to connect the west & east of Lorestan province to Khuzestan and Ctesiphon through the Sassanian era masterpiece architecture. Shapur Bridge was used to be a way to cross the caravans and army that went from Susa to Hegmataneh (Ekbatana). 

 Bridge of Shapour

Shapur Bridge Architecture

In its heyday, Shapur Bridge was made of rock, Gypsum mortar, and Sarooj at one kilometer south of Falak al-Aflak in the city of Khorramabad. It is estimated it was built by a length of 330 meters with 28 arches and 27 pillars, and today only five of them are protected from natural hazards. 

 Broken Bridge of Shapour

The best time to visit?

Spring, especially in May is the best time to go to Khorram Abad. Due to the moderate climate of Khorram Abad, you can also take a visit of this attraction in summer too.