Sheikh safi al-din khanegah & shrine ensemble

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Sheikh Safi was the great Sufi master who lived 7 hundred years ago who was regarded as one of the highly respected faces in society & raise many students inside the building constructed in a beautiful garden where it became the mausoleum of Sheikh Safi several years later. Sheikh Safi was the founder of the Safavid Dynasty, ancestor of Shah Esmael I& known as the acknowledgeable man. After his death, his mausoleum turned into one of the holiest places in the best architectural style in Ardabil, an ancient city in northwestern Iran. 

Sadr al-Din Musa, son of Sheikh Safi tried to build a shrine for his father. This historic site was completed during the Safavid dynasty, therefore this mausoleum is the biggest & the most complete khanqah in Iran. Best Iranian Architectural design such as Azari style is appeared in this khangah to create the best ambiance as khangah is the place for spiritual retreat for the selfless Sufi. Thus step by step several sections were added to this monument such as the tomb of Ismail I (The first king of the Safavid dynasty), Tomb of BiBi Aqa Mahmonir (wife of Ismail I), Allah-Allah Dome, Jannat-Sara, harem, Qandil-Khaneh, Nanva-Khaneh, and Naqareh-Khaneh. Moreover, martyrs of the Battle of Chaldiran were buried in the Sheikh Safi al-Din Khanegah and Shrine Ensemble.


Sheikh Safi Shrine is located east side of Ali Qapu Square in Ardabil. You will enter through a wooden door that leads you to one of its courtyards. Jannat-Sara used to be Sama (Sufism) ceremonies with an octagonal shape, trace of a dome which today does not exist plus many pillars. The most important & exciting section is Qandil-Khaneh with two-story in front of the entrance gate. Five wooden windows on both stories have created a marvelous view. You can also take a visit to Chinie-Khaneh contains four Shah-Neshin which has vaults with plaster muqarnas. Shah Abbas I had kept the dishes of Zarrineh, Simmineh, and the custom dishes from China at this place. Sheikh Safi al-din Khangah and Shrine Ensemble in Ardabil is not only an important place in Iran but also it is a World Heritage site entitled by UNESCO in 2010.


Best time to visit?

The best time to visit Sheikh Safi al-din Khangah and Shrine Ensemble in Ardabil is from late June until late September due to its location & icy weather in winter.