Chahkooh Canyon

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Chahkooh Canyon in Qeshm Island is one of the most attractive landmarks in the south of Iran with a magnificent view. Chahkooh Canyon is a valley with a depth of 100 meters created by the erosion of sedimentary rocks. 
 Canyon of Chahkooh

About Chahkooh Canyon

Chahkooh is one of the most amazing places in Iran located 70 km far from Qeshm Island, Hormozgan province & consider one of the fascinating attractions of Qeshm Island. Chahkooh Canyon is created by the erosion of sedimentary rocks in a depth of one hundred meters makes you step in its World of Wonder. The breathtaking shapes catch your eyes in the first glance of this holy valley. Many statues & shapes will form in your mind & inspire you. Due to its tall walls, you step in the valley which brings a quiet & dim space for visitors. The name of Chahkooh attributed to its 4 wells located on its four sides which have been playing the role of storage of rainwater. In fact, at the beginning of the canyon, four wells and drilling canals were drilled so that the inhabitants could access freshwater in that hot and dry area, which provided these ancient wells with a much better appearance and became a good host for animal species. Because the bottom of the gorge becomes flooded after each rainfall, locals have drilled a well in the floor to use the water, so they have chosen the name Chahkuh for the gorge... 

 Qeshm Canyons

This astonishing canyon registered as a part of the Qeshm Geopark in the UNESCO Organization. Qeshm Geopark with its all natural and historical beauties is the only Geopark in the Middle East.
During your walking tour, you will notice some gaps and holes on the rocks. Natural phenomena have caused Due to the heavy rain, wind, and hot sunlight. The acid of rainwater dissolves the Lime or Calcium bicarbonate of the rocks and burns holes in the rocks. These holes become deeper through the million years and have created many corridors in the heart of rocks.

 Chahkooh Canyon  chahkooh in night 

Best time to visit?

According to the lacation of Qeshm Island, late October till early May will be the best time to travel to the south of Iran & visit Chahkooh Canyon.During Autumn and Winter, you can see the migratory birds and Dolphins on Qeshm Island and enjoy your travel.