Beryani of Isfahan

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Biryani is one of the traditional dishes of Isfahan. It is locally called in different forms of beryouni, beryani, biryani but beryuni is more common.  Beryani is one of the most delicious & popular typical dishes of Isfahan which is cooked by meat.  Biryani is served as a main course mostly in places called Beryani. 

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How is it served?

Beryani serves on a piece of bread with onion and greens on the side.  Ingredients are:  lamb meat, Onion, Saffron, Dried Mint Leaves, Pistachio and Almond Slices, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Salt and Pepper. Biryouni is the most demanding food not also for Isfahanies but also for all Iranians. Beryouni mostly serves with bread, also the abgoosht of whey & Persian drinking; Doogh & basil makes it one of the most delicious Persian foods you can try during your traveling to Iran.

 Persian Beryuni

Beryani  in the Safavid Period

Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, who wrote his observations in Iran from 1632 to 1668 A.D, writes in his travelogue:
Iranians roast meat only in the oven and their oven is very different from our oven. Theu called Tanor instead of oven. The Persian Tenor is a pit that digs two and a half feet wide and five to six feet deep and heats it with a bit of firewood. They prepare the sheep and not chop, hang them in the oven, and leave the rest of the oven full of rice cooked with the oven's heat and the fat that it leaks.

 Isfahan Beryuni

Our recommend: As Beryani is a fatty & heavy food it is better to eat it as lunch. Don’t Miss This Experience.


Where you can eat the best one?

Azam Beruni with different branches & Golestan Beruni in Sepah St.