Alexander's Prison

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 Alexander's Prison is actually the former Ziaeie School of Yazd is one of the old buildings of Yazd UNESCO City of Iran with various stories. This 15th-century building contains a dome making by Brick. In Persian, we called it Zendan-e Eskandar.
 Yazd Prison of Alexander

Stories about Alexander's Prison

There are several stories about 2 of them are more famous:
First story: Ziaeie School was built in the 7th century AH by Zia al-Din Hussein Razi. Ziaeie School or Alexander's prison was a place for teaching more than seven hundred years ago where its constructions lasted more than 74 years & put into operation with the help of Zia al-Din's boys. This is the most convincing story about Prison of Alexander.

Second story: there's a story belongs to the Pre-Islamic period when Alexander the Great (Alexander of Macedonia) invaded Iran & Conquered Persia. As they say, Alexander passed this area, which later became known as Yazdan Gerd and now became known as Yazd. In this ancient City, Alexander constructed a building for his prisoners to keep them there. Inside, in the middle of its courtyard, there is a well which used to be a dungeon and this was how the thoughts about it being a prison were invigorated. According to the renovation studies it was revealed that the well (hole) pit is due to the underground water pipe network construction.

 Zindan-i Iskandar

Architecture of School

 The material they used here was adobe; it is the reason why it is standing healthy till these days. The 18 meters dome gives an elegant taste to the building. There is a room on one of the corners of the yard that is called a wind catcher where you can enjoy the cool weather inside. This building damaged a lot after the victory of the Islamic Revolution because of the devastation in the old days.
 Yazd Alexander's Prison

Best time to visit?
Yazd is one of the hottest cities of Iran in the summer and has high summers. Therefore the best time to travel to Yazd is from early March to early April, with quite moderate air.