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Takht-e Soleyman is known as the most mysterious place in Iran. There are several theories about this monument which is sitting in a high, as a lonely mountain with a mysterious history. Some believe there is a hidden treasure in its deep water, some say demons were kept in its prison, while some reinforce that here is the birthplace of Zoroaster prophet as well the legend has exist that the Holy Grail might be hidden somewhere here. More interestingly, mysterious Takhte Soleyman has been inscribed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2003.

 Takhte Soleyman Iran

About Takhte Soleyman

The archeological site of Takht-e Soleyman is an fascinating ensemble of royal architecture located near Takab, a city between Urmia and Hamadan, in West Azarbaijan, Iran. Takht-e Soleyman means “The Throne of Solomon” is the holiest shrine of Zoroastrianism which embraced several buildings of: the remains of a Zoroastrian sanctuary, an Anahita temple, an artesian lake, Khosrow Iwan & Soleyman Prison Mountain.this complex was used to be a settlement dwelling places in different historical periods of Medians, Parthians, Sassanids, and Mongols. Due to the traces of human settlement from the first millennium BC, some believe that here is the birthplace of Zoroaster prophet. 

 Takab of Azerbaijan, Iran

Name of Takhte Soleyman

Soleyman or Suleyman is Persian form of name Solomon. According to traditional legends, Solomon Prophet who had a magic ring built this complex by his superpowers. Eventually the monsters that disobeyed Solomon were imprisoned in to a deep crater in the mountain. The other legend refers to that Takhte Soleyman's name or "Throne of Solomon" is not based on real historical links to Old Testament King Solomon. In fact, changing name to Solomon throne was a cunning 7th-century invention by the temple's Persian guardians in the face of the Arab invasion. The guards entirely fabricated a tale Solomon's on-time residence to avert the site's certain destruction. The ruse worked, the complex survived and the name stuck. 

 Throne of Solomon Iran

History of Takht-e-Soleyman

According to the drilled Documentation, Takhe Soleyman in Takab of Azerbaijan contains different historical periods. The oldest one belongs to Persian Achaemenid Empire period which dates back to the 5th century BC when people believed Cyrus the Great, the Founder of Empire put s treasure into the artesian lake. Then, Takhte Soleyman used to be the citadel of Partian Empire and they also found some coins which prove that the Sasanid Empire ruled here. As well, there are proofs that some part of this complex was constructed during Mongols Illkhanid era. Indeed, each of historical monuments in Takhte-e Soleyman was built in one of these historical periods and each of them has different stories. 

Khosrow Iwan (Khosrow Vault) 

This Iwan is the remaining of a height iwan in the northwest part of the complexwhich was built by the Sasanid kings. Here was the plac where king would stay and watched the holy ceremonies that were held in the Zoroastrian fire temple. 

Azargoshnasb Fire Temple (Zoroastrian Fire Temple)

Azargoshnasb fire temple is the place people gather together & worship God & kindle a fire as their symbol. They also believe that the royal fire didn't extinguish and had been burning for 700 years. By invasion of Arabs, this beautiful temple that was designed by pictures of stars, planets, animals, plants, and some strange patterns was destroyed and instead a mosque was built on its ruins.

 Takab Complex

Soleyman Prison Mountain

According to myths, the volcanic cone-shaped mountain in a three-kilometer distance of Takht-e Soleyman is the place where king Soleyman kept the demons that disobey the ruler here. But this is a crater with a 65-meter diameter which was once a holy temple and destroyed from 1000 BC.

Anahita Temple 

This holt temple arrtibuted to the Holy Anahita Goddess, goddess of water, fertily and benefits in ancient Iran.
Anahita temples can be found in most ancient cities in Iran which are close to a body of water. People used to praise water in this temple. It has been seen in some periods, especially in war, people had a customary of throwing their valuable objects to the lake and believed that Anahita would protect them against enemies. So, there is hope for great treasure lying at the lake bed.

Takht-e Soleyman Lake
As we mension above, takhte Soleyman Lake is the most mysterious part of this complex with irregular oval-shaped. It might hug the precious treasure inside. This is actually not a lake but it is a spiring. We still don’t know how deep this spiring is but in the shallow parts near the edges, it reaches 40 to 45 meters.

 Takht e Soleiman Complex

Best Time to visit?

Spring: Spring is the best time to visit Solomon's Throne, because this season you will experience the cool weather and the amazing nature of the area.

Summer: Takht Suleiman has a relatively cool climate in the summer. It is essential to have accessories such as sunscreen, hats and sunglasses. Lower elevations will be warmer along the route so wear cool clothing but wear a warm suit for the morning or evening.

Autumn & Winter: A very cold and occasionally snowy season is expected in these seasons, but with the right winter equipment, you will enjoy the snow of this quiet city.

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