Bazaar of Tabriz

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Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex is the biggest roofed bazaar of Iran. Not only Tabriz bazaar has been the great economical-social system, but also Tabriz grand Bazaar has been the important International trade hub since it is located in the most important path of the Silk Road. This Bazaar finds its place inside the list of UNESCO World Heritage site from 2010. We as an Iranian tour operator invite you to keep reading this Iran travel blog to know more about Tabriz.

 Tabriz Historical Bazaar Complex

History of Bazaar of Tabriz

Although the exact date of construction of Tabriz Bazaar in unclear, many documents exist to prove that a large part of bazaar dating back to the tenth century. This bazaar added a large aspect of authentic to the city of Tabriz. During different periods Tabriz had experienced several up and downs due to being Capital of Iran in Safavid era, lots its political importance on following dynasties. Tabriz Grand Bazaar bore several earthquakes & renovated various restorations in the late Zand Era and early Qajar Era as well as some part added to the bazaar and expand it.

 Tabriz grand Bazaar  Bazaar of Tabriz 

Since its location, the Tabriz Bazaar Complex has been considered as the prominent commercial centers and export center to Europe and East for many centuries. 
Tabriz located in the turnpike of Silk Road which stretched from East Asia and Southeast Asia with South Asia, Persia, the Arabian Peninsula, East Africa and Southern Europe. They exported silk, weapon, tobacco, dried fruits, and paints. They also imported mirror, silk and velvet cloths, sugar, and metal.

Marco polo, an Italian merchant and explorer traveled through Asia along the Silk Road between 1271 and 1295.

 UNESCO Tabriz Bazaar  Tabriz Bazaar Complex

About Bazaar

The vastest roofed brick complex of Tabriz Historical Bazaar embodies 2 floors with 6500 stores, several Timchehs (small Caravanserai), 11 corridors, with lots of occupations. Each Timcheh is dedicated to a specific item. The best one is Mozafariyeh Timcheh, not only due to its beautiful design but also as the main centers of trade and export of carpets of Azerbaijan and Iran. The first thing may catch your attention is the high roof, small and large white and colored windows on the edges and the middle of the roof. Tabriz bazaar is famous for its carpets.

What is the best time to go?
Tabriz in the northwest of Iran has a cold weather. Winters of Tabriz are so cold and mostly snowy therefore it is better to visit Tabriz in April to September.

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