Do – Hezar Forest

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Do-Hezar is name of a touristy forest in north of Iran located in Tonekabon city which attracts many hikers, Nature photographers & Campers. The mild mountain Climate in summer & real cold winter makes Do-Hezar Forest to be frequented by travelers throughout the year. fog has fallen to mid-forest trees and moss has climbed from tree trunks. Nothing can be found in the middle of the forest only birds flutter can be heard in the middle of the forest. This beautiful district gives you the elegant mountainous views, meadows, and high plain forests.

 Do Hezar forest Iran

What Does the meaning of Do-Hezar?

Do – Hezar is a Persian name attributed to the lush valleys in the Alborz Mountains, south of Tonekabon which have created special natural conditions with stunningly beautiful views. “Do” means two & “Hezar” means thousand. The forest takes its name from the number of rivers flowing through it. So it means that the forest has two thousand rivers.

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The Do- Hezar elevations are one of the most beautiful landscapes of the region, with the peak of Sialan and the highlands of Gerdkuh as one of its most important attractions. Sialan Peak is the highest peak in Tonekabon County. This 4,250-meter-high peak is an important sporting attraction, with its spectacular scenery en route to the ascent. This route passes through lush forests and beautiful high mountains. The flora of this area contains beech, Plane & Hirkani forests. 

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Best time to go?

The best time to visit Do-Hezar forest is September to December do to its best weather. In winter the weather would be fairly cold. In case you want to hike to the peak of sialan Mt. you’d better to equipped with warm clothes, tent & sleeping bag (if you want to camp, there is the local houses you can accommodate as well).

Getting there?
The only way to reach the two thousand forests is from Tehran, Chalus Road and then Tonekabon (Shahsavar). You can reach Tonekabon by three vehicles and within 275 km:
Bus: If you want to take the bus, buy a bus ticket to Tonekabon from the West Terminal and get off at Tonekabon five hours later.

Intercity taxis: You can take a linear taxi. These taxis will take you to Tonekabon three and a half hours later.

Personal Vehicle: If you have a personal vehicle, go from Karaj highway to the exit of Chalus road and take it to the end. After you reach Tonekabon, you should go to Khorramabad, which is one of Tonekabon's functions.

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