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Best Iranian Cuisines

Eating food is one of the most charming choices all around the world especially when you have decided to travel to Iran. Food in Iran is a fundamental part of Iranian heritage. The vast land of Persia and the various ethnic groups have made Iran an attractive destination for culinary tourism. Traditional Iranian food, which is made up of delicious ingredients, is extremely diverse and mouth-watering.

 Guide to Persian Foods

The fact that is hidden in all Iranian food is both healthy and nutritious due to its ingredients which reflect the geography of Iran.

Since Iran has a variable climate with four distinct seasons, you will be surprised by the diversity of foods thorough the country, for instance in north of Persia, Mirzaghasemi is popular while at south and west of Iran you can enjoy Samosas', falafel and shrimp.

 Iran Culinary  

Many ingredients are native to Iran, including pistachios, almonds, walnuts, saffron, mint, oranges, pomegranates and grapes. The most well known Iranian foods are Polo (rice). Most of Iranian families eat rice every single days of their life so In Iranian food Menu you can find the combination of Persian rice with different kinds of stews, Kebabs or even fruits like cherry. Some of tasty foods are: Ghormeh Sabzi, the herbal stew with the piece of meat, Fesenjan, the stew containing walnut, pomegranate sauce and chicken or meat balls, Eggplant stew, obviously with eggplants, squash, meats and potato, Tahchin the mixture of rice, chicken, eggs and saffron which make a delicious cake, Tahdig, Crunchy fried rice which can be mixed with potato, bread and much more things.  

 Iran Foods  Persian Foods

Halim bademjoon ( Halim of eggplant) can be other your delicious choices in Iran.

 Iran Cuisines

Here are some of methods and styles of our team favorite foods used in Iran:

Mast-o-khiar (persian style of cucumber mix with yogurt):

It is kind of side dish which can served with variety of kebabs and chicken, or with potato chips, crackers and even mixed by bread and water.

 Persian Cuisines


• 3 cups of Yogurt
• 2pickling cucumbers (or 1 English cucumber),
• peeled, halved, seeded, and grated
• 1tablespoon dried mint,
• 1/4teaspoon salt and pepper
• 1 onion (optional)
• Dried rose petals (optional)


In a middle bowl, add cucumber (grated or chopped), then add yogurt, onion (absolutely grated), dried mint, salt and pepper. Then Stir well to combine.

If you want to mix it with bread, in this time you should add bread in small pieces (cut them into small pieces) then add water (2 or 3 cups-depends on your foodstuffs). In Persian we called it Tilit.
On the dish you want to serve it, you can design it with different, by sprinkling dried rose petals, dried mint, halved cucumbers,…

 Iranian Food Recipes



It’s a northern Iranian dish that you can easily find in Tehran and in many other parts of the country. Mirzaghasemi is one of famous food in Iran and it’s super easy to make at home. Mostly it is severed as side dish with good Iranian bread. 


•  Couple of fresh eggplants
•  7 cloves garlic (depends on your savor)
•  2 Tomatoes
•  3 Eggs
•  1.5 teaspoons of Turmeric
•  1/3 cup of Oil
•  Salt & Pepper

 Iran dishes


1. Put eggplants in the oven on 400°F/200°C. Leave them there for 40 minutes (they’re done when they are soft to the touch).

2. Remove the skin from the eggplants and mash them up with a fork or finely dice them with a chef’s knife. Notice that the insides will be quite hot.

3. Remove the skin from tomatoes and then grate them. Cut the garlic in small pieces (mince them with good knife). 

4. In a large pan, add 1/3 cup of oil and heat it up in a medium low. Then add the finely chopped garlic and lightly brown it. Once the garlic is browned, add 1.5 teaspoons of turmeric and stir it into the oil and garlic.

4. Add the mashed eggplant in this time. After stirring for some seconds, now add the tomatoes puree. Put it to bake.

5. This is the time-consuming part. Stir everything together and turn the stove to medium low. Continue stirring and mixing for about 15 minutes. After that, add salt & pepper to taste.
Continue stirring for another 10 minutes.

6. Beat three eggs and add them to the mixture. Then stir it all together and cook it for another couple of minutes to ensure the eggs are cooked through.

Now your Mirzaghasemi is ready. Bon Appetite. 

join with us to taste delicious foods in Iran, the best place where you can experience Iran Culinary Tourism.