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Museums attract its own fans & lovers but Cinema museum in Tehran differs from others. The cinema industry has always been full of mystery, so most people have become fascinated by it. Join us in this Iran travel blog to learn more about the Cinema Museum of Tehran.

 Tehran cinema museum

History of Cinema museum in Tehran

Cinema Museum of Iran located in the heart of Ferdows Garden (Bagh Ferdows) inside the beautiful Qajar era mansion. Inside Ferdows garden, there is a Qanat (Aqueduct) named Ferdows, therefore, the name of Ferdows attributed to the garden which means paradise. In order to obey the Permanent architectural principles in the Qajar period, a two-storey building was constructed which is decorated with moulded plaster ceilings, added Ponds & fountains.

During the time, the complex was used for various functions from being a high school to an art and cultural center and the oldest part was completely destroyed.  Finally, after the Islamic Revolution of Iran, since 2002, the mansion has served as Cinema Museum of Iran & film making classes were held there.

 Cinema museum in Tehran

Architecture of Cinema museum

Ferdows Garden has the beautiful architecture of a true Persian garden, with a secret mansion in the middle of it. Similar to other Persian garden's layout, ferdows garden is covered with tall old plane trees & ponds.

The architecture of the Mansion is Qajar style and a combination of Iranian and European architecture. One of the most beautiful parts of the mansion is the delicate and artistic plastering of the columns and roof of the porch of the palace, which undoubtedly attracts the attention of every viewer. In addition, the mirror decorations in the windows make the mansion look more magnificent. Besides, there are two cinema halls & different Halls in the complex.  

 Cinema museum of Tehran  Cinema museum of Iran

What will you see at the Cinema Museum?

The Cinema Museum was originally located on Lalezar Street, but then moved to Bagh Ferdos Complex sin 1381 and continued to operate under Mr. Ezzatollah Entezami’s management. You’ll find 40,000 photos, 3,000 historical and handwritten documents, 5,000 covers of cinema magazines, and about 350 cinema equipment and devices there. Inside cinema museum, you can visit the first photos which were taken by the first camcorder arrived in Iran.

 Cinema museum in Iran  Cinema museum

The Cinema Museum gives you the chance of watching the oldest films of Iranian and world cinema in a small and old cinema. In Cinema museum you can see a wide range of international awards of great Iranian artists. Indeed, while you visit Cinema museum of Tehran, you are walking in a century of history of Cinema in Iran and achievements in Iranian cinema. It is the best way to touch the culture of one nation!

 Iran Cinema museum

Apart from the mansion & its halls, there are two cafes, bookshop, and handicraft shop, there for it’s a good place to find educated people who talk English & make a friend in capital of Iran.