Mark Wiens is in Iran

Mark Wiens the famous YouTuber now travel to Iran to reveal the secrets of Persian foods

Mark Wiens is one of the top 20  faces on YouTube and with over eight million followers on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, his videos of indigenous and street foods have more than a million views. He has announced his presence in Iran by publishing pictures of the Azadi Tower and the Kebab.

 Mark Wiens in Tehran, Azadi tower  Mark Wiens in Iran

He has begun his journey of writing about Iranian food by posting a video of Rashti's foods. He has also published images of Rasht barbecues as well as a range of Rashtian dishes. Mr. Tyster accompanies him on this journey.

 Mark Wiens in Rash tasting Persian foods Mark Wiens with Mr Taster  in Iran

James's assassination of other prominent YouTube figures also traveled to Iran about a month ago and produced videos of indigenous Iranian food.

Now Mark wiens & Mr Taster are in Shiraz:

 Mark Wiens in Persepolis, Shiraz, Iran  Mark Wiens & Mr Taster in PErsepolis UNESCO Site


 Mark Wiens & Mr Taster tasting Persian Foods

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