Khaju Bridge in Isfahan

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The double floor Kahju Bridge was constructed by the command of Saffavid king, Shah Abbas II in 1650 with the elegant details & decorations. Thus it is no surprising to find Khaju Bridge as the finest bridge in Isfahan. Khaju Bridge consists of many beautiful decorations of artistic tile work, fabulous paintings & the other architectural features to known as the best one in the world in its era. khaju bridge is Measured about 132 meters long and 12 meters wide, makes Khaju bridge as one of the most important & must-see Isfahan attractions. With 21 streams and 26 springs, this bridge was used as a dam and bridge, generally. At the middle, there is a magnificent pavilion where Shah Abbas has once sat on and admired the view. Khaju was not the only a Bridge connected both sides of Zayandehrud, it was also made for the outing of the people and the king. On the corners of the eastern side of Khaju Bridge, there are two stone lions, which appear to be the symbols of Bakhtiari, tribal protectors of Isfahan during Safavid era.

 Khaju Bridge in Isfahan

Work as Dam

Khaju Bridge was also used as dam for water storage. This bridge elevated the water up to 6 meters high, also has 16 drainage valves, with slabs in its body, as well as drains that can raise and lower the valves. By up and down the drawer, they will be able to adjust the volume of the water that flows, also these drains set the water collecting behind the bridge.

 Isfahan Khaju bridge

During the Safavid period, the court and its nobles gathered there to watch spectacular pyrotechnic shows and water competitions. In the midsummer of each year, the festival of Ab-pashan ("water splashing") was held in the vicinity of the Khaju Bridge. Both the rich and the poor gathered along the river banks and splashed water on each other in belief that it will purify them from illness and harm. The Shahneshins used for the temporary residence of the king and his family. At the time of swimming and canoe competitions, the emirs and grandees used these places.

 Isfahan Bridge, Khaju Bridge  Esfahan Bridge; Khaju Bridge

What is the best time to go?

The best time to visit this beautiful bridge is the spring season. In the spring of the Zayanderud river is full of water and you can see the beautiful scenery on this bridge.
Getting there?
The Khaju Bridge joins Kamal Esmaeel and Ayine khaneh Boulevard together, so you can access each of these ways. You can use the bus or subway to reach this bridge.
Bus: Use the lines that stop at Khaju Bridge, and after a short walking, enter from the Kamal Esmaeel Street.
Metro: The nearest metro station to Khaju Bridge is the Si-o-se-pol station, which is about two kilometers from your destination. You must take a taxi after getting out of the metro. If you use this mode of transportation, you will enter the bridge from the Ayine Khaneh street.

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