Zoroaster Fire Temple in Yazd

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If you are keen on visiting the never-ending burning fire since 470 A.D, Yazd will be your host at Zoroaster Fire Temple.

Being the oldest monotheistic religion in the world, Zoroastrianism was the official religion of Iran before Islam. However, Islam was not able to destroy all parts of this ancient religion in its home-land, Zoroastrian religion survives as a minority which is still Practice their ancestral ritual.  Fire contains the notable significance in Zoroastrian ancient religion so that they built various fire temples around Iran & Yazd Zoroastrianism Fire Temple is the most important one.

History of Yazd Fire Temple

A fire temple in Zoroastrianism is the place of worship where Zoroastrians practice their religion. Fire temple of Yazd contains the never-ending burning fire which is believed that the flame that is said to have been burning since about AD 470. Atash Bahram is a fire that comes from Karyan Fire Temple in Fars Province, which is one of the three largest fire temples in Sassanid dynasty. Its fire, which has been burning for years, is currently maintained in Yazd Fire temple.
This fire temple belongs to Zoroastrians who offered their prayers there for years. It was constructed in 1934 by a Persian person residing in India.

Yazd Fire Temple

Holy fire

It was built in 1934 and enshrines the Atash Behram/Bahram, meaning “Victorious Fire”. It is one of the nine Atash Behrams, the only one of the highest grade fire in Iran where Zoroastrians have practiced their religion since 400 BC; the other eight Atash Behrams are in India. During the ceremony, this fire is cleaned up 1128 times, and only Priest can attend the ceremony, which has undergone the most difficult stages of purification. At each clean-up, a dry seven-year-old wood is burned to the fire, and when the fire burns it, they see it as one-time clean sign. This fire is visible in a large cup behind the glass. 

 Holy Fire in Zoroastrian Yazd Fire Temple

Architecture of Zoroastrian Yazd fire temple

After entering to Zoroaster fire temple, the large pond is the first thing comes to the eye. In Zoroastrianism; water is important element as well which every ancient fire temple has to be built near a pool. The structure itself is in Achaemenid architecture style also with the pillars resemblance to Persepolis in Shiraz. 
In front of building ornamented with  Symbol of Fravashi, in Persian we called it Farvahar(Persian Farvahar). In Zoroastrianism, Fravashi is the concept of a personal spirit of an individual, whether dead, living, and yet-unborn.
Inside rooms the statue of the first Ambassador from India in Iran in the Qajar dynasty & the famous holy flame which is burning are visible. 

 Zoroastrian fire temple of Yazd in Achaemenid style

What is the best time to go?
The best time to travel to Yazd in terms of weather is from early March to early April, when the weather is quite mild, with an average temperature of around 16 degrees Celsius. In these months the temperature does not exceed 25 ° C.
Getting there?
The Zoroastrian fire temple is placed on the Ayatollah Kashani Street. The western entrance gate of this Fire temple belongs to the visitors, and the eastern one belongs to the Zoroastrians.

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