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Shiraz is known as the city of Love, Flowers & Art. In Iran rich history, Shiraz appears as the most important city which was being Capital of Iran in various periods such as Achaemenid Persian Empire, Sassanian Dynasty & Zand era. While Karim Khan Zand was the sole ruler of Iran, Shiraz was again got its importance & flourished once more. Attracted many artists & architects to the Karim Khan's Capital "Shiraz" & made Shiraz as the city of city of Art!!!
Karim Khan's complex consists of different buildings in one area. Vakil Bazaar is one of the important ones which is continue to be crowded after many years of his demise. 
Vakil bazaar is considered as another unique architectural masterpiece of Zand era in Shiraz. In the vicinity of Vakil Bazaar, other monuments such as Zand public bath, gorgeous Vakil Mosque, Fortress of Karim Khan, Pars museum, Holy Shrine of Shahe Cheraq, & marvelous Pink mosque are located.

  Shiraz Vakil Bazaar  Vakil Bazaar in Shiraz

History & Architecture of Vakil Bazaar


This Shiraz attraction was constructed in 1758 and was not perfectly completed until 1777. Vakil Bazaar has been the beating heart of the city since it was born and many merchants used to and still go to this bazaar.  The construction is made up of plaster, brick and lime. This covered bazaar has the cross plan shape with four sections of northern, southern, western & eastern. Some corridors, Caravansary & lots of shops are waiting to fascinate its guests. Inside Vakil Bazaar, antiques of handicrafts, carpet, seasonings and Persian fabrics,… are objects you can buy on its alluring shops. 

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