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The Fin Garden is regarded as one of the most beautiful gardens of its type, and it has been considered as a complete example of the Persian Gardens. As one of the nine Persian Gardens which inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage Organization, which is located at city Kashan, in Isfahan province, Iran, Reflecting its location and sacred symbolism, the Fin Garden is a masterpiece combining natural and man-made elements.

History of Fin Garden

This historic and tradition Persian garden  is believed to have been created during the early part of the Safavid Dynasty, around the first half of the 16th century by Shah Abbas I and was restored from 1797-1834 by the Qajar dynasty, Fath Ali Shah.

Like the other Persian Gardens, distinguishes by certain common features that date back to the time of the Cyrus the Great, who ruled the Achaemenid Empire during the 6th century BC and sharing the most important principles of quadruple pattern.
After expanding during Qajar Period the garden was partly destroyed due to negligence until 1935, when it was listed as a national property of Iran. In 2012, the garden was registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site. 


Architecture of Fin Garden:

Various structures of Fin Garden were erected in different periods of the garden history by different rulers, so the architecture of the garden combines features of Safavid, Zandiyeh, and Qajar periods.   The edifice inside the garden along with two vital elements of trees & water flows are used to bring the identity for this cultural & historical attraction.


Water is the main element in Persian gardens design.  There are water streams across the garden which is originated from Sulaymaniyah Spring.  The water pressure is enough to make fountains, pools, and canals of the garden to work without mechanical pumps. 


The combination of water flows and a large amount of greenery creates Eden / heaven by Iranian people. Although Kashan Fin Garden surrounded by desert, inside, you will be amazed by this lush Persian garden full of is large amount of fountains, canals & pools.
Orange trees, fruit trees, jasmine bushes, and flowers give the feeling of abundance, wealth and tranquility in the middle of the deserted landscape.


Inside, fin garden contains different buildings such as recreational pavilion which was added during Qajar Period and has a magnificent domed ceiling decorated with paintings.  Two memorable buildings of the garden are two-storey pool house, or ‘shotor gelou’. And 2 bath houses. The bigger one added again by Qajars.

Small bath house:

Small bathhouse is remained from Saffavid era. this place has significant in Iran history. Amir Kabir, one of the most noticeable reformers  & the chancellor of Iran during the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah, was exiled to Fin Garden and kept there in isolation. Unfortunately he was killed by the order of Nasir al-Din Shah in the building of Kashan Fin Bath. After the death of Amir Kabir, the name of the Fin Garden changes to the fin Bathroom.

the best time to go?

If you are looking for the most eye-catching scenes of this Persian garden, we recommend you to visit Fin garden at late April until late May.

Getting there:

The Fin Garden located in the Amir Kabir Street. You can reach there via private car and public transportation such as a taxi.

Where to stay near Fin Garden?

Kashan offers various hotels to settle in different prices, the close hotels to fin garden are: 
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Ameri ha Hotel
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