Shiraz Vakil Mosque on travelling Iran

The followers of each religion have chosen a place to worship God and have secret place for praying, decorated in their own way. Jews built synagogues, Christians began to build churches while Buddhists and Hindus considered the temples more worthy. Muslims prefer Mosques. They used to apply all their efforts to bring love and art together in order to make the best place of worship. Eye catching tile works, Motif flowers, Brick works, geometrical Shapes, …. are  Specific features of art and architecture can be visible inside mosques.
Vakil mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques constructed by Karim khan Zand next to Vakill Bazaar and in the vicinity of Vakil Bath.  Due to its astonishing architecture and unique monolithic columns, it is considered as masterpiece.

Among the buildings Karim khan zand endowed to Shiraz, Vakil mosque is jewel among them. Karim khan, founder of zand Dynasty was the most active patron of Art in Iran history, He chose Shiraz as the capital city and since then it had always been in the center of his attention. So, it brought a splendid era to Shiraz.  This 18th century eye catching mosque contains an 11000 square meter space, magnificent architecture, impressive carvings, &holy Verses inscription in various scripts of  Nastaliq, Naskh and Thuluth scripts. Besides you will be inspired by its delicate & poly chrome tile works.

Architectural design of Vakil mosque is notable. When you step inside you will notice that at this Shiraz mosque, there is no dome, the best architecture harmony such as 2 porticoes & 2 Prayer hall. One of this hypo-style hall  which is considered as the southern Iwan is the most impressive section. Inside prayer hall is decorated with stone carvings and covered with seven-color tiles and mosaic tiles on the walls. The glamorizing pillars located inside Vakil mosque are skillfully carved in the Zand period style and make this Shiraz attractions shine such as diamond. 

Other fine features include an impressive mihrab and 14-step marble minbar, carved from a monolith transported all the way from Azerbaijan. 
One the north part of the mosque, there is an important ceiling which was decorated with a Quranic verse written by calligraphers. The ceiling is famous as Morvarid which is the Persian equivalent of pearl.

When to visit?

If you are interested in visiting Vakil Mosque, you may also want to know its visiting hours. The mosque is opened at 8:30 and is closed at 20:30 in spring and summer and at 20:00 in autumn and winter. 

Best places to eat close to Vakil mosque:

Sharze Restaurant, Saraye Mehr Restaurant, Qavam restaurant, various cafes in this food court are host all of Iran travelers.

Shiraz attractions near vakil mosque:

Zand complex as one of the most attractive sections of each Iran tours offer you all Karim khan zand's buildings in a region. Thus you have a good access to Vakil Bath, Vakil traditional Bazaar, Citadel of Karim Khan at your Shiraz tour. 

Where to stay in the vicinity of Shiraz Vakil mosque:

Various Shiraz Hotels are located in the vicinity of Zand complex:
Shiraz Parseh Hotel
Shiraz Zandiyeh Hotel
Shiraz Park hotel 
Shiraz Arg Hotel
Shiraz Karim khan
Shiraz Ariyo barzan hotel
Shiraz Parsian hotel

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