One of the interesting points of each trip is the language of destination. Iran becomes recently one of the popular, attractive and charming tourist destinations. During your tours to Iran, as Traveler to Iran it can be more excited to learn some words in Farsi, speak like Iranian and surprises Iranian people. But do not forget that Iranian language is among the first and rooted languages of the world.
The official language which spoken in Iran is Persian, actually over 60% of population speak Persian , but no need to know Persian to travel to Iran , most of people knows English although they can’t speak fluently.

As Iran is multicultural country so there are some other languages that people talk in some specific region such as Turkish , Kurdish , Luri , Arabic , Balochi and Gilaki.
Also there is many different dialects in different part of Iran which you will face to travel to Iran but the main language for government, industry and school is Persian.
Persian language is so famous in music, poetry, and art which you can see many Persian masterpieces around the world.

Some key words and phrases in Farsi for your travel to Iran

 English phrases  Farsi Pronounce  in Farsi       
 Hello  Salam  سلام 
 Good morning     Sobh Bekheir  صبح بخیر
 Good evening      Asr Bekheir  عصر بخیر
 Good night          Shab Be kheir  شب بخیر
 Nice to meet you     Az didanet khoshhalam  از دیدنت خوشحالم
Happy  Khoshhal  خوشحال
 How are you?     Halet Chetore?/ Chetori?   حالت چطوره ؟ چطوری ؟
 I'm fine        Man khubam  من خوبم
 Thank you        Mamnoon  ممنون
 You're welcome       

 Khahesh mikonam

Ghabeli nadasht

خواهش میکنم

قابلی نداره

 Excuseme (to get someone attention)               Bebakhshid  ببخشید
 Sorry  Bebakhshsid  ببخشید
 Yes  Bale  بله
 No   Na  نه
 Don't worry          Negaran nabash  نگران نباش
 Have a nice day           Rooze khubi dashte bashi   روز خوبی داشته باشی
 Please  Lotfan  لطفا
 Bon Appetite/ Have a nice meal  Nooshe Jan  نوش جان
 Bon voyage/ Have a nice journey      Safar Bekheir  سفر بخیر
 How much is it? 


Gheymate in Chand ast?


قیمته این چند است ؟

 What time is it?        Saat chand ast ?  ساعت چند است ؟
 Where do you come from?      Ahle koja hasti?  اهل کجا هستی؟
 I am from Canada  man ahle Canada hastam  من اهل کانادا هستم
 I don't know    Nemidoonam  نمی دونم
 Please say that again      Lotfan dobare begu  لطفا دوباره بگو
 Where is toilet?     Dastshoyi kojast?    دستشویی کجاست؟
 I am lost        Man gom shodam  من گم شدم
 What is your name?            Esmet chie?  اسمت چیه ؟
 How can I go?  Chejuri beram?  چجوری برم ؟
 Taxi  Taksi  تاکسی
 I want to go  Man Mikham Beram  من میخوام برم
 Where is…?  Kojast?  کجاست؟
 What is it?  In chi hast?  این چی هست؟
 Have to  Bayad  باید
 Can you speak English?    Mitooni engelisi harf bezani?  میتونی انگلیسی حرف بزنی؟
 Happy Birthday  Tavalodet Mobarak  تولدت مبارک
 Happy New Year  Sale no Mobarak  سال نو مبارک
 Bless you( when you snez)     Afiat bashe  عافیت باشه
 Congratulations!  Mobarak/ tabrik migam  مبارک/ تبریک میگم
 Today   Emrooz  امروز
 Tomorrow  Farda  فردا
 Yesterday  Diruz  دیروز
 Flight  Parvaz  پرواز
 Airport  Foroudgah  فرودگاه
 Here you are/ Here you go  Befarmaiid  بفرمایید
 When?  key?  کی؟
 Why?  Chera?  چرا؟
 Where are we?  Ma koja hastim?  ما کجا هستیم؟
 Stop  East  ایست
 Mother  Madar  مادر
 Father  Pedar  پدر
 Sister  Khahar  خواهر
 Brother  Baradar  برادر
 Mr.  Agha  آقا
 Mrs. Ms. Lady  Khanom  خانم
 Travel agency  Ajanse Havapeimaii  آژانس هواپیمایی
 Plane  Havapeima  هواپیما
 Good luck      Movafagh Bashi  موفق باشی
 I hope  Man omidvaram  من امیدوارم
 See you later  Mibinamet  میبینمت
 Best Wishes  Behtarin Arezooha  بهترین آرزوها
 The best  Behtarinha  بهترین ها
 Good bye Khodahafez خداحافظ

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