Abyaneh traditional village

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The ancient village Abiyaneh is located outskirts of Kashan on the highway linking Kashan to Isfahan province at the foot of Karkas Mountain. This 1500-years-old village is a living museum in Iran which belongs to far past. Apart from the beautiful scenery, the Abyaneh village is valued for its preserved culture and history that have taken manifestations in different forms, including the village's prevailing costumes, dialect, and traditions. A red, ancient Abyaneh village with ochre multi-story structures made of clay, endless nested alleys, traditional costumes, inlaid doors and windows with beautiful geometric shapes are built on the sloped hillsides so that the roof of the lower houses from the yard of the upper ones without any surrounding walls. The houses of village have spiral plan which is said that they belong to the periods of Seljuk, Safavid, and Qajar.

Abiyaneh, is the red museum of Iran/Persia with global reputation for its inhabitants' beliefs, their knowledge of their history and their steadfastness in preserving the costume and traditions of their ancestors. 
Abyaneh mountainous setting location making this Iranian touristy village stayed isolated for many years and people customs and language is untouched and persevered. In Abyaneh people speak Farsi with special dialect belonging to this village. 

Interesting spot of Iran, Abyaneh has men whose clothes are very loose pairs of pants and its women are wearing traditional custom consists of a long colorful dress, along with a special pairs of pants and a white long scarf with colorful floral named Charghad

Beside the charismatic beauty of Abyaneh village, there are historic monuments as well: 
 Monastery (Khangah):
This place made at the time of Shah Abbas Safavid. The monastery in the past has been the place of the rest of the Safavid king in the summer and the place of the Sufis and Dervishes.
2 caravansaries are at Abyaneh village,  in the west of the village which are now damaged by flood.
Abyaneh village mills
Abyaneh village has three mills that can use in one of them. The people of Abyaneh say "Areh" to the mills in the local language, the three mills are: Areh Hereh, Areh Mion, Areh Daryoun. These mills located on the west side of the village on the Daryoun Riverway.
Abyaneh mosques
At village of Abyaneh you can also see eleven mosques. Such as any places in Iran, There is also a mosque of Abyaneh which known as the Jame mosque, and one of the 11 mosques are considered historic. 
The village of Abyaneh has three castles since they protected themselves from various attacks during the different times.
 Fire temple
One of the ancient places in Abyaneh is the Zoroastrian fire temple which is believed to dating back to Sassanid era and is like the other ancient works built on a slope. 
In the past, in the center of the fire temple, the fire always burned by the coal is bright, and along with religious use, it is also used to guide the caravans.

What is the best time to go?
Because of geography location, Abyaneh village has temperate climate which is combination of a Mediterranean climate. Therefore yiu can enjoy your time the through the year.

Getting there?
The best way to reach the Abyaneh is the entrance to the Persian Gulf that is to connect Qom to Isfahan. On this highway, after Kashan, it reached an exit named Abyaneh. You will be about 3 hours and 40 minutes if your origin is Tehran. When arriving at Abyaneh, for entering each car in this village, about 100,000 rials are taken.

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