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The ancient city of Shiraz is the city of love, art and literature as well as the historical intersection of Iran. Shiraz is the Capital of Fars province, a place known in history as Persia. It bears many historical and ancient attractions and old city of Persian Empire showing the glory of a nation, Achaemenian.

Pasargadae the first capital city of Achaemenid king Cyrus the Great, is located near the city of Shiraz and It is being proud of bearing the Ruins of the first Persian garden next to tomb of him.

The patterns of the first Persian garden inspired the other gardens by the most following dynasties, therefore Shiraz is today widely known as the city of gardens, roses and nightingales.
In addition Shiraz is home of the other noteworthy and ceremonial capital of Acahemenian called as Persepolis (the successor palace) which was constructed by The Great Darius I & his successors in the second half of the first millennium BC. 
It is city of people who claimed to be the Achaemenean descendants, Sassanid dynasty that lived in Persia with great honor showed the high dignified spirit of Iranians to the world, finally they were overthrown by Arabs invasion.

Shiraz is also the former capital of Iran, during the Zand dynasty's era (1747-79) the restoration and recovering   dynasty which making Shiraz to embracing splendid gardens, appeal Zand complex, exquisite mosques which are painted colorfully with amazing architecture.
These features make the people who visiting Shiraz memorized the unrepeatable memories of their journey.
In addition Shiraz is the city of poetry with famous poets and is representative of literature treasury of Persia in the world by the celebrated birthplace of the great famous Persian poets Hafiz and Sa'adi. 

In the most hospitable city of the world you can visit warmness people who are so friendly and helpful, also can taste their delicious traditional and local cuisines. 

 Shiraz Population   Shiraz Area   Shiraz Altitude 
 about 1.566 million ( 2016)  240km2  approximately 1585 m


Shiraz compared to other cities of Iran, hosts more foreign tourists than other cities of the country. And that’s because there are many historical monuments, beautiful gardens and its especial Iranian culture that make it famous in the world. Everyone who wants to take Iran tours, visit Iran closely and get acquainted with the culture of our country will choose Shiraz as its first destination for Iran tourism. Trip with this Iran Tour operator gives you the opportunity to get all answers about this beautiful city & enjoying your time at Shiraz since many years experience in Iran tourism made us specialize at Shiraz tours. Here is the best information about Shiraz attractions, Shiraz tours( tours in Shiraz) & Shiraz Hotels.

 Shiraz Sight seeing
 Pink mosque Persepolis 
 Hafez mausoleum  Necropolis  
 Naranjestan-e- Qavam Eram Garden 
 Tomb of Saadi Pasargadae 
 Citadel of Karim Khan Vakil mosque 
  Naghsh-e- Rajab  Vakil Bath
 Vakil Bazaar