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Eram garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in Fars province, Shiraz and even the whole country that attracts many tourists from inside and outside of Iran. Shiraz Eram garden becomes a botanical garden due to it has very diverse vegetation.If you are one the nature fans, never lose visiting Shiraz botanical Eram garden. Eram,Pardis or Paradise mean Heaven. Iranian tried to resemble heaven on earth. Iran welcomes you travel agency invites you to the heaven of Shiraz. 

 UNESCO Eram Garden

Eram Garden is listed on the UNESCO as one of Iran's UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Pattern of this UNESCO –listed garden is inspired by first Persian garden at Pasargadae where tomb of founder of Achaemenid Empire, Cyrus the Great is located. 
This stunning garden is located in a decent situation in the heart of Shiraz and its towering Cypress trees are showed off in the Eram St. Eram Garden is well-known for fragrant flowers and aromatic sour orange trees. A corridor of cypress trees can be seen in this garden which are beautifully stretch to the sky.  

 Eram UNESCO Persian Garden

History of Shiraz Eram Garden

The exact date of construction and the founder of the Garden of Eram in Shiraz is not clear, but according to the historical monuments, Eram Garden is existed from  the tenth and eleventh century AH. There is a saying that one of the chiefs of Qashqai tribes ( Nomad Tribes lived around Fars Province) ordered to make this garden and the building during the middle of the 13th century. At least for 75 years, Qashqai tribe Chiefs were the owners of this property. Due to Travelers information, Eram Garden experience its heydays in Saffavid & Zand Dynasties. During the Qajar rule, Eram Garden was also limelight in the Royal Families. Then, Farah Pahlavi bought this place and gave it to the University of Shiraz as a reception palace. Now Eram Garden is today under the possession of the Faculty of Agriculture, and The Faculty of Law of the University of Shiraz who owns the mansion. In the center of the garden, there is an old pavilion that constructed by the orders of qajar wealthy man who built another breathtaking monument of  Pink mosque in Shiraz. the pavilion is decorated in Shirazi " seven color" tile along with various decorations of Iran love stories. 

 Eram botanical Garden

Additionally, the garden bears a favorable environment for over 45 plant species and many cultivars to be grown identified and labeled accordingly. It has a vast area allocated to fruit trees including pomegranates, sour oranges, persimmons, olives, and walnuts. Therefore, this Persian Garden is the Botanical Garden of Shiraz University that opens to the public.

What is the best time to go?

All seasons are suitable to visit Eram Garden but during summer its better to visit Eram garden in the evening.

Getting there:

it is easy to take a taxi to reach to this destination. or you might like to go with bus, there is a bus direction which stops in front of Shiraz University & then you just need to walk for 2 minutes.

 Iran Eram Garden

Shiraz Eram Garden today is a botanical garden, opens to public & consider as one of the most important tourist destinations in Shiraz & attracts many tourist annually. Our Iran travel agency always contains this Shiraz attractions at all its Iran tour packages as well as Shiraz tours as the significant & pleasant Iran tourism hubs.